Alaska Wilderness stories

In 2014 Alaskans marked the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, a federal law that designated certain areas to remain untouched by humans. But in Alaska, a state where people have maintained deep relationships with the land for thousands of years, there were certain exceptions. This four-part series explores the unique relationship of Alaskans and Wilderness.

It was a co-production of Content Producers Guild and Alaska Geographic, with support from the National Park Service, the US Forest Service, Northern Alaska Environmental Center, UAF, and Wesleyan University.

Part 1 - The History

Alaska and Wild go together. In this segment, we explore Alaska’s role in the history of the Wilderness Act, and of Designated Wilderness in Alaska.

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Part 2 - living in wilderness

Many Alaskans live with wilderness on a daily basis. How does the Wilderness Act support local economies and subsistence relationships that have persisted for thousands of years?

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Part 3 - People and wilderness

The special role of wilderness in Alaska provides for a variety of uses that spawn contention. Even so, people working on opposite sides of political disputes value the land's wilderness character,and what it offers future generations.

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Part 4 - science and wilderness

In this segment, we learn about the role of science in wilderness, and the role of wilderness for science.

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