Kids These Days! was CPG's flagship project. The award-winning, hour-long radio program aired on radio stations across Alaska from 2010-2012. Each week, the show featured interviews with state and national experts and sound-rich radio stories to provide an in-depth examination of a range of parenting topics, from childhood obesity to dating as a parent.


After the initial program ended, the producers and host continued with special projects focused on mental health and being young in rural Alaska. The original program was made possible by a grant from the Association of Alaska School Boards’ Initiative for Community Engagement, an initiative funded by the US Dept. of Education.

example episodes

Learning from Failure

Failure is essential to the learning process, and learning how to handle failure appropriately without giving up or freaking out is all part of maturing. How can caregivers help kids to “fail” well? Studies show that kids who are praised for their effort instead of their intelligence are more likely to overcome failures, keep on trying and do better in school and life.

Inside the Teenage Brain

Adolescence is a period of growth that is distinct – so just what is going on between the ears of your teenager? New technologies are giving us an unprecendented view of the inner-workings of our brains, so this time on Kids These Days!, we’re talking about how brain development during a child’s teenage years could account for the odd or risky behavior teens can exhibit during this time. Could it just be normal adolescent brain development?

Free-Range vs. Over Parenting

Strangers and germs and bears!... Oh my? Are parents these days too worried, or not worried enough? What's your parenting style - free-range or helicopter? Do you let the kids run free or do you hover? Where do you draw the line between caution and fear; encouragement and pressure; and healthy exposure and over-protection?

School Choice

With all the great school choices available to families in the Anchorage area it can be a daunting task knowing which one is right for your children. We attempted to make the process of choosing a school a little easier by inviting three knowledgeable guest panelists to share information and answer questions.